Guest Health & Safety

Alaska is unique in its people and geography, as such, the State and local governments have each imposed strict mandates for national and international travel. Some areas of the State may not be accessible or become off-limits, especially rural areas. As this pandemic has evolved, so have the rules, so it is best to check far enough in advance of your travel to understand what is being required. It would also be prudent to periodically review all the government mandates for the latest data and information, as they do change. At this time, we are limiting the number of available rooms here at the Inn. We will try and accommodate your room preference, but reserve the need to separate folks for safety and social distancing as best we can. Breakfasts are limited and depend upon occupancy. We do provide breakfast bags to go for early departures. Masks inside the house in public spaces are required when or if people gather, or departing your room if necessary. We are following cleaning and disinfectant protocols as established by the local and state authorities. The Links below are provided to help you and also highlight the current information available for all travelers to Alaska. Know before you go. We highly recommend trip insurance whenever traveling to Alaska. Be safe!
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